BEKRA Mineral Deo



BEKRA Mineral deodorant products are based on mineral salts and 100% free of alcohol and perfume. You can choose between the longlasting deodorant stick crystal, underarm spray, aerosol (underarm spray microfine), deodorant roll-on, foot-odour-stop and shoe-odour-stop. Special editions are made without aluminium salts or extra sensitive with Aloe Vera to protect your skin.

BEKRA Mineral - the natural deodorant lasts up to 24 hours!

100% free from alcohol and perfume - now also without aluminium salts

Deodorant Stick Crystal -  Underarm Spray  -  Underarm Spray Microfine  -  Deodorant Roll on  - 
Foot Odour Stop  -  Shoe Odeur Stop


Deodorant Stick Crystal

BEKRA Underarm-Spray Microfine

Bekra Underarm Spray Microfine

bekra deorollon2018 box e

bekra foot odour stop

BEKRA Shoe Odour Stop