Bekra - without any sweat

BEKRA mineral – a success story

Successful for 35 years now

The family business BEKRA® Handels GesmbH was founded by Bernhard Kremper in the early 1980-ies.

During a business trip to Asia he found a natural crystal with antibacterial features, which is used as an antibacterial deodorant by the locals since centuries. It is also used for drinking water purification.


He came back to Europe fascinated by the idea to produce a deodorant from an antibacterial, totally natural crystal free from aerosols.

In 1985 the first delivery came to Austria. The crystals were immediately sent to the Dermatology University-Clinic in Erlangen and the Skin Clinic-University in Vienna for extensive tests.

The results were convincing: the crystal showed the expected deodorant-effect and it is harmless for human skin and body. Production and sales were immediately planned and realised.

The initial production processes – until the technology was perfect – were long and cost-intensive. In the meantime the business can look back to 35 successful years. The long lasting BEKRA mineral deodorant is an environmentally friendly alternative to sprays, crèmes and aerosols.


Today the BEKRA mineral deodorant crystal is offered in supermarkets, at chemist’s and in pharmaceutical shops in Austria.


Export countries: Germany, Spain, Russia and more.