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BEKRA mineral - historical facts

Available in many European countries

1984 Establishment of BEKA Handelsagentur

          Bernhard Kremper, manager, sets up the company together with two employees in his home.

1985 Change of name into BEKRA Handelsagentur.

1985 Commencement of work from Markus Kremper as commercial traveller.

1985 First sale of BEKRA mineral crystal at chemist’s followed by drugstores and supermarkets.


Die Geschichte - BEKRA Mineral von Beginn weg   

1986 The business moves to Timelkam together with 7 employees.

1987 Commencement of work from Christa Kremper as office leader.

1988 Establishment of BEKRA Handels GesmbH

          Managing partner: Bernhard Kremper

          Further partners: Christa Kremper, Markus Kremper

          Approx. 10 employees

1988 Formation of an own head-office at Atterseestraße in Timelkam

1990  “Murnauer Markenvertrieb” is acquired as sales partner and is a costumer up to today.

1992 Building of a storage room.

1993 Building of an office-building.

1997 Retirement of Bernhard Kremper

          New managing partner: Markus Kremper

          Further partners: Christa Kremper, Dominik Kremper

2007 Retirement of Christa Kremper

2007 The current management up to now:

          Markus Kremper as managing partner

          Dominik Kremper as partner

2008 Modification and enlargement of the storage-rooms a sales area.

          Finished in 2009

2011 Purchase of a storage room in Ungenach for shipment and logistics.


The office and management is located in Timelkam, Atterseestraße.

The storage, shipment and logistics are located in Ungenach, Ainwalding 10.

Today the BEKRA mineral deodorant crystal is available in nearly each shop in Austria.

Exporting countries: Germany, Russia, Switzerland, Denmark, Slovenia, Greece, Spain, Finland, Sweden.