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Effective tips against intensive sweating

Deodorants can help, if they are applied before sweating.

10 Tips against sweating

To sweat is an important and natural process. Approximately 20 % of the body temperature is regulated by sweating. Sweat smell develops when fresh sweat decomposes. In these areas, where not enough fresh air is available – like the armpit – bacteria can accumulate. Deodorants can help, if they are applied before sweating. BEKRA mineral deodorants are body deodorants based on minerals. They are totally pure and free from alcohol. Once they are applied they work up to 24 hours against unpleasant sweat smell.






10 tips against sweating

Tip 1: Nutrition is decisive. The menu should include little amounts of meat and sausages but lots of fruits, vegetables and dairy products. Hot spices and salt should be avoided to prevent from heavy sweating.

Tip 2: Alcohol, coffee and smoking lead to increased sweating. If alcohol cannot be avoided, soft mix-drinks should be preferred.

Tip 3: Airy clothes let more air come into the armpit. Cotton accumulates sweat, but silk and linen are optimal. The same is valid for shoes: leather shoes or natural textiles are considerably better.

Tip 4: People who live in warm areas do not drink cold beverages with ice. They know warm teas have a temperature which is similar to the body temperature. That’s perfect. If you want to do a tea-diet it would be the best if you took sage tea. Drink 1 litre of sage tea daily for 2 weeks. Preparation: Take 1 litre of water, 3 tablespoonful of sage and let it boil for 3 minutes. When the tea is lukewarm drink it during the day.

Tip 5: Sports helps – if you do it regularly and only if the body is sweating. Because you can be sure the more sweat is produced systematically the less it occurs undesirably.

Tip 6: Sweat can also occur due to mental reasons. In this case relaxation exercises can help. They can be different some people do yoga exercises others go into the garden for relaxation.

Tip 7: The weight-factor is not insignificant: People who suffer from overweight sweat more than others. It would help if effected people took off weight.

Tip 8: People who go to the sauna regularly have an advantage, they regulate the perspiratory glands.

Tip 9: If you suffer from sweaty feet a foot bath could help. Preparation: Put some drops of tea-tree oil and thyme-oil into the water and put your feet into it.

Tip 10: If you take a shower alternate the temperature from warm to cold, that has a sweat-regulating effect. Please end your shower with cold water.