Bekra - without any sweat

BEKRA mineral - the natural deodorant

100% free from alcohol and perfume

What is the use of the best perfume, if during the day an unpleasant smell of sweat comes through. Especially in the armpit the out coming sweat starts to ferment easily. This is the beginning of smelling badly. The smell adheres also on the clothes.

BEKRA mineral deodorant can help. You apply the BEKRA mineral deodorant crystal to the armpit in the morning and it protects you from smell of sweat up to 24 hours. Due to the small consumption of the crystal the deo-stick lasts up to one year.

Bekra deodorant family

What is the BEKRA mineral deodorant?

  • BEKRA mineral deodorant is a crystallised body-deodorant based on minerals.
  • The raw crystals are extracted in Asia from bauxite. It has its natural occurrence there. The growth of these particularly pure mineral crystals is based on hundreds of years old recipes and skills.

How does the BEKRA mineral deodorant work?

  • BEKRA mineral deodorant works up to 24 hours against sweat smell after single use.
  • BEKRA mineral deodorant ties on a century of experiences in Europe and Asia with Alaun and it feels very smooth on the skin.
  • Clinical studies of the Skin Clinic-University in Vienna verify that the BEKRA mineral deodorant is non-irritating.
  • A further test of the Dermatology University-Clinic in Erlangen verifies that it is non-irritating.

BEKRA mineral deodorant is doubly effective against sweat smell

  1. The smooth microbicidal effect = the growth of bacteria upon the skin is heavily limited. Therefore the bacteria, which are responsible for the unpleasant sweat smell, are not able to grow in a bigger quantity
  2. The slight astringent effect = the skin pores contracting, but without closing the perspiratory glands. Therefore less sweat gets through the skin surface.