Bekra Mineral Shoe Odeur Spray

BEKRA mineral shoe-odour-stop

Highly effective shoe odour-stop-spray on natural base

The BEKRA mineral shoe-odour-stop is a highly effective shoe spray which is produced
on mineral base. If you apply the spray into your shoes regularly it protects you from
unpleasant odour. It works the most effective way if you combine the BEKRA mineral
shoe-odour-stop together with the BEKRA mineral foot odour-stop.

BEKRA Shoe Odour Stop

BEKRA mineral shoe-odour-stop: 

  • up to 24 hours protection and freshness
  • prevents from unpleasant odour
  • free from colouring and aerosols


How to use the BEKRA mineral shoe-odour-stop:

  • apply into your shoes
  • allow product to dry completely
  • repeat if necessary